The Beginning.

Darcy Fehringer-Mask & Steve Mask, Partners, Co-Founders, and love birds.

Darcy is the heart, soul, and lead photographer of EVENTography.  Darcy has been a professional portrait and event photographer since 2005. In 2009, it became her full-time job. 

After Darcy built her successful brand Miss Darcy Photography as a one-person photography powerhouse, she and her husband Steve saw the need for more! If Darcy is the heart and soul of EVENTography, Steve is the brains--he saw the appeal and wisdom of having a photo booth to complement Darcy's photography, so he began the Bright Lights Photo Booth. After a couple years of working a full--time job while Darcy built Miss Darcy Photography, Steve left his day job to combine their businesses, help train associate photographers, and bring videographers into the fold. Thus EVENTography was born: a full-service visual media brand offering photography, photo booths, and videography.

Darcy and Steve were married in 2014.  Darcy loves diet Coke, the Denver Broncos, her Saturn Ion, reading mysteries and thrillers, and watching hours and hours of true-crime television. Steve loves the New York Giants, intense workouts, road biking, racquetball and science fiction. They love to travel and watch football together :). 

(Thanks to Elizabeth Jane Photography and Christopher TODD Studios for the images).

The Next Chapter.  

EVENTography is also...

Sarah Robitzer: Associate shooter, graphic designer, and assistant. "Ever since middle school in Pennsylvania I had a camera in my hand, taking photos any chance I had. One day I decided to turn my love for a camera into a career. I then received my Associate of Photography Degree from the Art Institute of California in 2013. With the combination of my gregarious personality and my photographic eye I began photographing portraits and events! I love being able to take hold of the special moments on such special days. I know I will never work a day in my life because I am doing what I love!

Aside from loving photography and design, I also love dogs, the beach, and especially dog beach. I grew up on the East Coast but I am a "Cali girl." You can view Sarah's portfolio here.

Heather Lynch: Associate shooter, editor. "I am a photographer because I like capturing people genuine emotions and being able to freeze a precious memory in time. When I was younger my grandparents would take me on adventures around the world. My grandmother always had a camera in her hand and eventually I switched from in front of the camera to behind it. After I gave up my dreams of becoming a famous ballerina or singer, I figured out that I wanted to be a photographer. That was when I was 7 years old. Now I have my bachelor’s degree in Digital Photography from the Art Institute of California- Orange County.

When I'm not taking pictures, I am an amusement park junkie. Disneyland really is my happy place, I go once a week sometimes more. I am a ginormous Anaheim Ducks fan, and when I’m not at Disneyland, work, or a Ducks game I am outside or on some kind of adventure. I love traveling to new places and exploring, hiking, camping, snowboarding. Anything outside makes me happy." You can view Heather's portfolio here.