EVENTography offers photography, videography, and photo booths in order to provide 360-degree visual media coverage of your event.

Our photographers will capture the tears in the groom’s eyes upon seeing his bride for the first time, or the magic of your child reading the Torah. Our videographers will be there when the grandparents take the dance floor to learn the Cupid Shuffle. They’ll capture the laughs, the tears, the applause. And the photo booth will capture your guests’ goofy side and the most authentic smiles you’ve seen in years. For each special moment, EVENTography will be there with cameras in hand (but out of your guests’ way), so we can provide you with that keepsake photo that will live on your nightstand forever.

At EVENTography, we believe in capturing the joy of your event, AND being a joy to work with. We know that while a wedding, birthday party, or bar or bat mitzvah is a happy event, it’s also stressful. We understand that minimizing the stress of your event can be as valuable as the keepsake album for the coffee table. That’s why we’re all about being the calm in the storm. For EVENTography, it begins by being a one-stop-shop for your visual needs: photography, videography, photo booth, step-and-repeat, photo montages, engagement sessions, and pre-Mitzvah portraits. Whether you’re planning a small event or a black tie affair, EVENTography is there for you.

You can book our services individually, or book multiple services and save.

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