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Darcy Fehringer-Mask, Co-Founder

Darcy is the heart, soul, and lead photographer of EVENTography. Darcy has been a professional portrait and event photographer since 2005. In 2009, it became her full-time job. After Darcy built her successful brand Miss Darcy Photography as a one-person photography powerhouse, she and her husband Steve saw the need for more! If Darcy is the heart and soul of EVENTography, Steve is the brains--he saw the appeal and wisdom of having a photo booth to complement Darcy's photography, so he began the Bright Lights Photo Booth. After a couple years of working a full--time job while Darcy built Miss Darcy Photography, Steve left his day job to combine their businesses, help train associate photographers, and bring videographers into the fold. Thus EVENTography was born: a full-service visual media brand offering photography, photo booths, and videography. Darcy and Steve were married in 2014. Darcy loves diet Coke, the Denver Broncos, her Saturn Ion, reading mysteries and thrillers, and watching hours and hours of true-crime television.